10 Psychological Discoveries About Flirting|Flirting Tips|Mental Flirting Techniques

10 Psychological Discoveries About Flirting|Flirting Tips|Mental Flirting Techniques

Invite to Planet Psych. Today we’re going to go over “10 Psychologically Proven Flirting Techniques That Actually WORK”. By the time you’ve seen through this video, you’re going to understand how to recognize the psychology of “when somebody is flirting with you, and likewise utilize some reliable tourist attraction methods yourself”. Okay, here we go:

Today’s flirting methods and ideas were sourced and motivated by the video resources noted below.

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World Psych Chapters:.
0:00 Intro & Preface to Psychologically Proven Flirting Techniques.
1:10 Special Subscriber Give-Away.
2:02 Number 1: Make Eye Contact.
2:34 Number 2: Red Clothing.
3:18 Number 3: Humour!
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4:31 Number 4: Playing Hard To Get.
5:14 Number 5: Females Should Smile!
5:50 Number 6: Males Should Brood.
6:17 Number 7: Mirror Body Language.
6:52 Number 8: Be a Smooth Talker (It’s not what you’re believing).
7:43 Number 9: Be Confident.
8:12 Number 10: Touch.
8:49 Outro & Special Subscriber Give-Away.

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Source References:.

Video motivated by BRIGHT SIDE: 11 Proven Tips on How to Flirt With Anyone.

Video motivated by Psych2Go: 10 Psychologically-proven Flirting Strategies.

Here at Planet Psych we like to go over useful psychology and human habits. Our videos aren’t precisely scholastic psychology lessons however we simulate to present typical mental realities in an easy, simple to comprehend way. We likewise bring awareness about different psychological health problems which individuals have. He hope you enjoy our animated discussions about whatever from relationships, the human mind and psychology realities.

Video Credits:.
Script Writer: Tinashe Gabriel.
Voiceover Artist: Iraaj Majumdar.
Animation: Eternity Media.
Music: Bensound.com (Pro-Licenced).

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