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In today’s video, I speak about 3 Keys to healthy romantic relationships. 1. Partner with a guy who wants to grow with you. 2. End up being “Self” mindful. This is everything about you understand you. Your self-knowledge. 3. Comprehending your partner’s distinct difficulties and requirements. 4. When you get activated and do not blame others for how you feel, take action to journal. Your sensations are simply that, yours.

Jaki Sabourin was voted “Best Female Relationship Expert” by her peers. Jaki is a Coach, Speaker, Author, and the CEO of Engaged at Any Age ®. Jaki’s business, Engaged at Any Age, is more than a ‘love brand name.’ It is a sanctuary for high-value females who are all set to awaken their womanly power to produce the life and relationship of their dreams! Jaki’s wit and no-nonsense mindset have actually assisted countless her customers to empower themselves so they can produce significant, healthy relationships.

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