Pros and Cons of Living Together Before Marriage

Thinking about shacking up with your mate? Moving in together is big decision. Make sure you evaluate the pros and cons of living together before marriage.

Dating and Courtship

What is dating? What is courtship? Many people are confused by what these two terms mean and how it should be applied today.

How to Bring the Romance Back After Your Boyfriend Cheats on You

It definitely won’t be easy to learn how to bring the romance back after your boyfriend cheats on you. See, as much as you’d like to believe that passion is completely primal, it is also emotional and mental for a lot of people. So, if your heart feels like it is smashed into pieces, your mind is probably filled with insecurities, doubts and fear at the same time and you might have trouble sustaining a state of desire or arousal around your boyfriend.

How to Use Sex to Rekindle the Flames of Love With Your Husband

Married couples all tend to go through the same thing: a few years into their marriage, they stop having sex. Although nobody can really say why this happens in every marriage, it is safe to assume that it is because couples get so used to being around each other after getting married that it is no longer a prerequisite before going to sleep. If you want to use sex to rekindle the flames in your marriage, though, then you clearly have to act upon this predicament.

How to Get the Passion and Romance Back With Your Husband

It is a sad truth that the most vital ingredients in a marriage – passion and romance – vanish after a few years of the couple being together. A lot of the time, these ingredients vanish because of the regular and boring routine that couples end up in, usually resulting in them falling completely out of love. The good news is that it is possible to get the passion and romance back with your husband despite everything mentioned above.

How to Bring Back the Magic With Your Boyfriend

If you want to bring back the magic with your boyfriend, the first thing that you should do is figure out what your goals are for your relationship in the long run and what you want from your boyfriend, in general. Naturally, you will have to be real about it and make sure you don’t compromise anything about yourself in the process, though. If you start pretending like you’re something you’re not, then you will never be truly happy in the end, even if your boyfriend ends up fulfilling your wishes.

Women of China, Then and Now Part 1

I discovered a wealth of very interesting tidbits about Chinese women throughout the history of the People’s Republic, and I have chosen a few to discuss in this multi-part series. To kick it off is this entry about the “three obediences,” a phrase I have never encountered before now. “Chinese women viewed themselves in terms of the “three obediences”-servants to their fathers first, then their husbands and finally their sons.” (Source: factsanddetails)

For Women: Finding True Love at 40

Considering the numerous dating tips for the 40 plus, single women out there, it could actually get truly depressing to understand what you need to do to finding true love. In reality, the trick many people are hoping to find isn’t a mystery at all.

The Risks of Casual Sex Relationships for Women

Are you thinking about “benefiting” from a friend? There are some risks to consider!

How to Stop Being the Clingy Girlfriend

Are you calling your guy every hour? Are you texting him every twenty minutes? Do you get upset when he can’t spend time with you every day? You’re being too clingy and you could ruin your relationship!

How Obsession Ruins Relationships

Is your guy on your mind 24/7? Are you worried you’re becoming obsessed with him? Read this article to find out how to curb the obsession and keep your relationships going.

Talking to Guys On the Phone

Knowing how to chat with a man on the phone can make or break a relationship. Do you know how to talk to guys?

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