6 Signs of Adoption Abandonment Issues|Adoptee|Relationships and Adoption Rejection Trauma

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In this talk I explore 6 indications of adoption desertion|unhealed adoption injury|adoption rejection concerns and how they reveal these desertion concerns in relationships may be experienced. Worry of desertion on the part of the adoptee is a mental concern that often times comes as part of the adoption bundle.

Desertion concerns develop accessory concerns and these tend to develop specific behaviour patterns in the adoptee relationship. These 6 indications of adoption desertion concerns play out in overstated methods our individual/ intimate relationships. If you remain in an intimate relationship with an adoptee and are questioning if their desertion concerns are impacting your relationship, take a look to see if you identify any of these patterns.

I’m Lara, adoptee, adoption wellness psychotherapist, coach and scientist.

Numerous adoptees battle to cope with inner peace and a sense of wellness and their battles frequently go unacknowledged.

Findings from the research study into wellness in adoptees can be seen here:


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