A Romantic Date On-Set|Be My Princess EP2|iQiyi Romance

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Cast Zhou Jieqiong Kyulkyung, Xu Zhengxi.

Intro Ming Wei (played by Zhou Jieqiong) is a part-time translator who enjoys acting. She was suddenly picked to be the female lead of award winning star Mu Tingzhou s (played by Xu Zhengxi) upcoming drama. There she enacts the romance in between a princess and a master in Ming Dynasty with Mu Tingzhou. After a mishap which triggered Mu Tingzhou to lose his memories, he just keeps in mind Ming Wei who he secured very much as the princess in the drama. In order to assist Mu Tingzhou recuperate his memories, Ming Wei begins looking after his life, and they slowly fall in love. After Mu Tingzhou restores his memories, he went back to being the award winning star he was, and appear to move even more far from Ming Wei s life. Mu Tingzhou discovered the bits and pieces of his life with Ming Wei and the 2 of them lastly reveal their sensations for each other and penned down a romantic love story.

Be My Princess.
Oh My Lord.
Shining For One Thing.
Absolutely nothing But You.
Ace Troops.
Permanently and Ever.
One and Only.
Craving for sweets.
Ageless Love.
Love Is Sweet.
The Day Of Becoming you.
My Dear Guardian.
My Roommate is a Gumiho.

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