Abbie Richards Explains Conspiracies and Radicalization on TikTok|Offline Podcast

This week on Offline, Jon is signed up with by TikToker and disinformation scientist Abbie Richards. A prominent voice on the platform, Abbie inoculates her audiences to trending disinformation and offers them with the tools to combat back. Jon asks her about what that work involves, why this present minute has actually seen the increase of numerous brand-new conspiracies, and dives into her viral conspiracy theory category chart.

00:00 – Intro
01:10 – Going viral on TikTok
03:47 – her interest in disinformation
05:34 – How TikTok spreads out conspiracy theories
18:54 – is education associated to belief in conspiracy theories?
15:02 – What TikTok can do about it
27:03 – Her TikTok method
33:39 – Her shot method for QAnon followers
40:39 – on difficulties of being a lady online
46:36 – West End Caleb

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