Accessory Styles and Relationships/ Childhood injury in Adulthood/ The “Normal” B.S.

Attachment Styles and Relationships/ Childhood injury in Adulthood/ The “Normal” B.S.// If you have actually experienced youth injury and have an interest in discovering more about injury and the brain, as it relates to accessory theory and/or accessory designs, this video is for you! In this video, we check out how recovery accessory injuries is truly about recovery youth injury in adult relationships, due to the fact that youth injuries can cause injury accessories, in some cases called “injury bonding.” Recovering accessory injury starts with a thorough understanding of brain advancement, along with how the brain and nerve system reacts to publish terrible tension. In this video, we particularly present the ideas of youth developmental injury, or complex PTSD, and broaden on how recovery developmental injury implies reparenting yourself when you were unable to experience typical youth advancement.

Here are the timestamps:
00:00 Intro
01:04 Get Caught Up
01:53 Take the Attachment Styles Quiz
02:08 The Myth of “Normal”.
03:02 Two Types of Trauma.
04:36 Dismissive Scenario.
06:58 Enmeshed Scenario.
10:17 Emotional Crowding.
11:14 Emotional Isolation.
12:16 Case Study Illustration: Katarina and Tim.
16:56 Some Final Thoughts.
18:55 Next Week’s Topic.

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Accessory Styles in Relationships and Intergenerational Healing.

Accessory Styles Explained Simply/ 4 Healing Phases for Attachment Styles in Relationships


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