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‘ Impact of ADHD at work, in households, relationships and sexuality’ provided by Dr. Dora Wynchank. This talk will check out some intimate locations in the life experience of ladies with ADHD. What characterises their relationships, and their sexual experience? In a couple when one member has ADHD, what is the influence on the relationships? We will go over the research study on whether sexual issues or gender identities are impacted by having ADHD. We will look at some of the sequelae of having without treatment ADHD in the office. We will quickly be sending a study throughout Europe to gather the experiences of countless ladies with ADHD.

‘ Positive Disruptors: ADHD Women and their Wins’.
provided by Dr. Kate Carr Fanning. This talk will check out the requirement to offer chances for empowerment for female with ADHD. We will share initial findings from a current research study with female with ADHD recognizing empowerment enablers in education and work. We will especially concentrate on what teachers, companies, female themselves and others dealing with them can do to allow the empowerment of female with ADHD.

‘ How am I empowered?’ Chantel Fouche lead of ADHD Women Project (ADHD Europe) with be #sharingexperiences of empowering herself and others by raising awareness worldwide. She will share what ‘Gender Equality’ implies to her and how society can assist fight preconception & discrimination for all ADHD ladies and guys, their households, and carers.

Dr. Dora Wynchank is a psychiatrist operating in adult ADHD at PsyQ in the Haque, Netherlands. editor of the DIVA Foundation, and active factor to the European Adult ADHD Network. Her competence consists of dealing with and identifying ADHD and comorbidities in teen and adult ADHD. The sleep conditions connected with ADHD are her research study interest. She lectures commonly in an effort to de-stigmatise psychological conditions. Dora is an expert member of ADHD Europe.

Dr. Kate Carr-Fanning is a Lecturer in Psychology in Education at the University of Bristol. Kate is a psychologist, she finished her PhD in psychology and education at Trinity College Dublin, where she concentrated on the addition of students with ADHD in education. She then invested 8 years in the School of Psychology in Coventry University prior to relocating to Bristol. Kate’s research study interests are all things ADHD, she is dealing with the Woman’s Project on a research study called ‘Positive Disruptors: Woman with ADHD and their Wins’ checking out the female experience of ADHD with a specific concentrate on empowerment. Kate has more than 15 years of experience of dealing with individuals effected by ADHD. She rests on the Board of Directors of ADHD Ireland and on the Professional Advisory Board of ADHD Europe.

Chantel Fouche, lead of the ADHD Women Project. Chantel is a volunteer at ADHD Europe and ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium. Her interests are to actively promote for the ADHD voice and promote ‘Gender Equality’ for all individuals coping with ADHD; to produce & sustain networks to raise more awareness around the world; and to share evidenced based info about ADHD to stop preconception & discrimination.

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