Adyashanti– Insights At The Edge Podcast w/Tami Simon (#IATE 4/22/14)

Embracing the World: Resurrecting Jesus– Tami Simon interviews author & instructor, Adyashanti. Sign up for Tami’s podcast, Insights at the Edge:
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#IATE: Insights At The Edge, is Tami Simon’s extensive audio podcast filled with interviews of leading spiritual instructors and stars. Eavesdrop as they explore their newest advancements and obstacles– the “cutting edge” of their work.

Adyashanti talks to Tami Simon about his understanding of the story of Jesus. Adyashanti is an American-born instructor trained in the Zen custom who teaches today about the procedure of spiritual awakening. With Sounds True, his newest task is a book and audio program called Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic. In this episode, Adya analyzes the deep mythic foundations of the story of Jesus and how it can work as a map of awakening. He likewise discusses Jesus as an innovative figure, how the metaphor of the crucifixion assisted him process his own experience with extreme physical discomfort, and the redemptive power of love to restore us to our natural state. (79 minutes).

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