ALPHA MALE – Subliminal Subconscious Shows (State Of Mind & & Pheromones)

Awaken & stress alpha male characteristic + significantly improve androstenone & androstadienone release.

Vigilantly made up and combined subliminal messages (afformations + affirmations) will straight configure your subconscious and mindful mind to awaken your intrinsic alpha-male characteristics, highlighting and establishing them. Binaural beats will set off the body to launch both androstenone and androstadienone. Both endogenous steroids have an extremely powerful pheromonal activity, carefully connected with alpha male characteristic.

State of mind programs:
– assertiveness
– confidence
– sincerity
– self-reliance
– management capabilities
– resourcefulness
– boldness
– high energy levels

Androstenone & Androstadienone activity:
– ladies view you as more appealing, controling, and self-assured
– guys in surrounding ended up being more certified and considerate
– enhanced social abilities

Attention. Androstenone is a scent of supremacy. Some guys intuitively view an individual who launches androstenone as a possible threat in regards to supremacy and hence may act strongly.

For finest outcomes, listen to 2-3x everyday.


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