Are Your Relationships ARTIFICIAL?|Insights By Gurudev

Relationships establish naturally– unless you’re synthetic at the same time. How to understand if you’re in a great relationship or not? How to understand if the other truly likes you or not? Discover the responses to your leading relationship concerns with this sensible yet lively recommendations from Gurudev!

0:00 – How to get rid of insecurity?
1:37 – How do you understand if a relationship is great or not?
3:14 – How to develop a great relationship with others
5:14 – How do I understand if my partner truly likes me?
6:30 – How to be at peace in a relationship?
7:22 – Why is spiritual understanding essential?
8:17 – How to manifest your desires

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Gurudev is a world-renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader, and ambassador of peace and human worths. Through his life and work, Gurudev has actually influenced millions around the world with a vision of a violence-free and worry-free world.
Gurudev established The Art of Living, a non-profit company that assists neighborhoods and people discover higher wellness and real connection.

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