BEST PROPOSITION (for me) Dating because 14yo #relationshipgoals

We are dating because we are 14 YO (because 3rd year HS) and now that I’m 27 i propose to my cherished lady pal (Reena) at Molito Alabang, Muntinlupa city.

Reena was so surprise due to the fact that a few of our high school schoolmates exist, her college schoolmates and mine too exist our church mates are likewise with us to witness.

I’m so blessed that God made our relationship a sample to numerous
individuals. 13 years in a relationship is not simply a magic that takes place, it takes loyalty, determination, decision, persistence, faith and specifically LOVE (not the worldly love) it takes Jesus to experience it

Because Due to the fact that was so nervous, P.S.
I wasn’t able to finish complete speechAnxious

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