Come Follow Me Insights – 2 Kings 2-7: Elisha: Prophet of God

Taylor and Tyler share their insights on the Prophet Elisha and the numerous wonders that he achieves throughout his life.

This program is planned to be utilized as supplemental product to the Come, Follow Me Program by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Todays episode associates with the dates of Jul 4-10, 2022.
Come Follow Me Insights is a production by Book of Mormon Central. Edited and produced by Benjamin Tyler Griffin with support from Zander Sturgill, Avery Kirk, Brad Wilson, Riley Brown, and Jackson Brady. Video subtitles/transcripts by Carol Jones and James Welch. Timestamps thanks to Margarita Dunn.

Unique Thanks to Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin for offering many hours to make these videos a truth, and an extremely unique thanks to Kiplin Griffin for content modifying and evaluation.

Nearer my God to Thee set up and managed by Benjamin Griffin.
0:00 Introduction
7:56 Elijah’s last wonders prior to Elisha ending up being the next picked prophet
13:47 Jesus when getting in the river Jordan to be baptized, the water is parted by his body
20:14 Cultural description to much better comprehend the teens, not kids, who are buffooning Elisha for the absence of hair on his head
29:28 Our earthly point of view will disrupt our judgement to trust to follow God’s rules offered separately or through a prophet. Picking to trust God will bring you true blessings
39:03 The wonder of feeding a wide variety will likewise be done by Jesus in the New Testament. Since the Atonement is for everybody, this represents God’s love and grace is far higher than what we can understand. Nobody will lack the chance to take part.
49:47 Elisha decreases Naaman’s benefit for cleaning the leprosy Naaman thinks in the only real God and none other. Gezahi lies to acquire a few of the benefit and is penalized with leprosy.
58:46 Remember this verse in 2 Kings 6:16. We are to look up and hope to God constantly. When life’s fights are at out door action, particularly. We are to follow to the council of our prophet as he is a Seer and can see beyond our capability to see what remains in front people
1:10:07 Elisha passes away prior to carrying out double the wonders than Elijah. A wonder is credited to him when a male is buried in the exact same location as Elisha. The guy’s body touched Elisha’s bones and restored.
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