Come Follow Me Insights (Doctrine and Covenants 129-132, Nov 8-14)

This week, we dive into the areas that speak about plural marital relationship (much better referred to as polygamy). Unload these areas with Taylor, Tyler, and their visitor, Jenny Reeder, as they share insights into the practice of polygamy in the early Church. Stay to the end to hear a touching story about Joseph and Emma.
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Come Follow Me Insights is a production by Book of Mormon Central, modified and produced by Benjamin Griffin with support from Joshua Taylor. Video recordings and audio modifying by Zander Sturgill. Video subtitles/transcripts by Carol Jones and timestamps by Tammy Hulse.

Unique Thanks to Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin for offering many hours to make these videos a truth, and a really unique thanks to Kiplin Griffin for content modifying and evaluation.
0:00 The practice of polygamy was a challenging duration in church history. Historic background about plural marital relationship in the freshly brought back church.
2:17 D&C 129-130 supplies guidelines on a range of subjects: secrets for the critical of spirits, a celestial earth, civil war firm, prediction and obedience, the Godhead.
7:28 D&C 131 supplies extra insight about the Celestial Kingdom. To acquire the greatest level in the Celestial Kingdom, one should go into the long lasting and brand-new covenant of marital relationship.
10:45 D&C 132 The long lasting and brand-new covenant of marital relationship, the Abrahamic Covenant, and laws governing plural marital relationship.
14:50 Section 132 was a personal discovery to Joseph and Emma. When plural marital relationship was made public, Brigham Young had it checked out to the church subscription in 1852.
19:08 The guideline or law of marital relationship and its exceptions. Cross recommendation with Jacob 2: 27-30; D&C 42: 22; D&C 49: 16.
24:48 Emma’s character and battle with plural marital relationship.
31:56 The discovery and practice of plural marital relationship in the church. The contrast in between Joseph Smith’s practice and Brigham Young’s practice.
37:10 What does a church historian need to state to individuals who have issues about polygamy?
42:33 D&C 132. Why marital relationship should be practiced constant with the laws of God, carried out under correct authority, and sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise to be in impact in the next life.
48:50 Plural marital relationship was practiced by Abraham. Both Abraham and Sarah have actually participated in their exaltation.
53:12 What do we understand about plural marital relationship in the eternities?
58:21 Conclusion: A gorgeous story about Joseph and Emma Smith, their redemption and getting a crown of righteousness.
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