Come Follow Me Insights (Doctrine and Covenants 46-48, May 3-9)

Join Taylor, Tyler, and their unique visitor, Alex Baugh as they check out Doctrine and Covenants, areas 46-48. Find out about the presents of the spirit and acquire a higher gratitude for the “less obvious presents” you might have in your life.
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0:00 Introduction to visitor instructor, Alex Baugh. Historic background for D&C 46.
5:15 Elder and Sister Renlund offered a playing field example with 4 limits as a guide for performing conferences in the church: (1) bibles, (2) church handbook, (3) words of the prophets, (4) instructions of regional leaders. Within those 4 limits, we look for the assistance of the Holy Ghost.
8:53 Verse 7: The Saints are warned about things that are not of God and counseled to ask of God, do all things in holiness of heart and walk uprightly prior to Him.
12:40 Verse 8– The presents of the Spirit. These presents are likewise noted in I Corinthians 12 and Moroni 10.
14:52 Verse 9-10– Gifts of the spirit are provided “for the advantage of those who enjoy me and keep all my rules, and him that seeketh so to do.”
21:30 Do I have a spiritual present? How can I find them?
24:53 verses 13-14 – The very first present determined is “to understand that Jesus Christ is the Son of God … to others it is provided to think on their words”
34:17 verses 15-16– Gift of understanding “the distinctions of administration” and “varieties of operations”
36:12 verses 17-18: GIfts of “the word of knowledge” and “the word of understanding”
39:53 verses 19-21: Gifts of having “faith to be recovered”, “faith to recover”, and “the working of wonders”
42:48 verses 22-25: GIfts “to prophesy”, of “the critical of spirits”, “to speak to tongues”, and of “the analysis of tongues”
46:28 verses 26-27: Why the presents of the Spirit are provided and unique presents provided to those who supervise the church.
48:28 Elder Marvin J. Ashton discussed other less obvious presents.
52:24 verses 11 and 29: “for all have not every present … unto some it might be provided to have all those presents.” Cross-reference with D&C 107:91 -92.
54:25 After the Apostle Paul taught about the presents of the spirit, he advised the saints that the church resembles the body and a body is most effective when all members are collaborating. See 1 Corinthians 12: 12-27.
57:41 D&C 47: John Whitmer is contacted us to be a historian for the Church.
1:04:13 D&C 48: The Saints are collecting in Ohio. Practical counsel is provided for obtaining land and utilizing resources sensibly.
1:07:41 Conclusion: There is a God in paradise and He understands what He is doing. We can see His hand as He deals with individuals with various presents, has a hard time, and opposition while the repair unfolds.

Timestamps thanks to Tammy Hulse.
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