Come Follow Me Insights (Doctrine and Covenants 94-97, Aug 30-Sep 5)

Have you ever felt that your testament isn’t where you desire it to be? The fact is everybody have our testaments under building. Through following Jesus and keeping His rules, we can construct life-lasting and effective testaments. Sign Up With Taylor and Tyler as they go over a few of the trials and true blessings the saints dealt with while in Kirtland Ohio. They finish up the lesson with an effective clip from President Russell M. Nelson’s current conference talk.
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0:00 No matter where we are on the course, our testaments are under building. Lots of examples and contrasts can be made in between structure physical temples and constructing individual testaments.
4:07 D&C 95 Verse 1: “Whom I like, I likewise chasten”. What does it suggest to chasten? Cross recommendation with Enos 1:1 and what it implies to be taught in the “support and admonition of the Lord.”
8:40 Verses 2-4: The Saints are asked to construct a temple as the next action. Their obedience is important to their development.
13:15 Verses 5-9 What does it suggest to be “picked”? Constructing a physical temple is a practical demonstration for what God is attempting to assist us construct as people, households, stakes, wards, and neighborhoods. Cross recommendation with 1 Corinthians 3:16 -17 and 1 Corinthians 6:19 -20.
20:20 Verse 11 “If you keep my rules, you will have power to construct it.” This has application to both temple and testament structure.
25:21 Verse 13 “Not after the way of the world”. When you do not have what it requires to finish the job, begin dealing with what you have and after that rely on the Lord.
29:47 The value of the company structure. In some cases we require to return to the structure level and enhance the base. The Salt Lake Temple is being enhanced at the structure level. Can we use that exact same concept in our lives?
34:35 D&C 96 Land purchase for the Kirtland Temple.
35:39 D&C 97 Revelation to Missouri Saints offered to Joseph Smith simply 2 weeks after their expulsion from Jackson County. Joseph had actually not yet gotten letters about this. The Saints are acknowledged for their humbleness and desire to look for fact. The Lord assures grace to those who are meek.
40:57 Verses 7-9 The loyal and modest are accepted by the Lord. “The Lord will trigger them to come up with as an extremely productive tree.”.
44:18 Verses 15-19 When we are offered guidelines from the Lord, do we look up in faith or outside in worry?
48:05 D&C 94. This discovery was offered the exact same day as D&C 97. Extra guideline about constructing the temple is supplied. God has lots of true blessings in shop to provide after the temple is developed.
50:02 Conclusion: Consider how our testaments are under building. We are all in various put on the course of development. The genuine building job is your conversion and your immortality. President Nelson affirms that the gospel is among repentance, hope, recovery, development, and a message of delight.

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