Come Follow Me Insights – Esther: Finding God in the Book of Esther

Tyler invites unique visitor, Sis Delight D. Jones, to Come, Follow Me Insights as they go over the book of Esther. Stay to see Patti Rokus make some rock art with Esther.

This program is meant to be utilized as extra product to the Come, Follow Me Program by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Todays episode associates with the dates of Jul 11-17, 2022.
Come Follow Me Insights is a production by Book of Mormon Central. Edited and produced by Benjamin Tyler Griffin with help from Zander Sturgill, Avery Kirk, Brad Wilson, Riley Brown, and Jackson Brady. Video subtitles/transcripts by Carol Jones and James Welch. Timestamps thanks to Margarita Dunn.

Unique Thanks to Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin for offering many hours to make these videos a truth, and a really unique thanks to Kiplin Griffin for content modifying and evaluation.

Nearer my God to Thee set up and managed by Benjamin Griffin.
0:00 Introduction
10:00 Vashi’s elimination from the King’s existence is among Heavely Father’s finger prints, in the Book of Esther, considering that he is not pointed out in the book
19:55 Mordechai was a devoted guy and enjoyed the Lord. Him not worshiping Haman was a presentation of exempt to praise or respect anybody else that is not God.
30:14 Esther’s chance to plea prior to the king relating to the lives of her individuals, the Jews.
40:00 Esther asks her individuals to collect and quickly as she will do the exact same for the King not to anger and take her life as she enters front of him without his invite (Spiritual Momentum).
51:34 We require to ask and look God for his collaboration in every thing we do. (Rock Art).
1:00:08 King Ahasuerus is all set to approve anything that Esther asks of him. When the King discovers out Haman desired to eliminate the Jews, this is.
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