Come Follow Me (Insights into 1 Nephi 8– 10, Jan 13 – 19)

Tyler Griffin and Taylor Halverson share insights into the Tree of Life vision discovered in the Book of Mormon

0:00 Intro Tyler speaking– The fantastic Dream of Lehi
0:46 Notice what remains in the dream numerous things
1:00 Try to separate out the bad & the excellent
1:20 ie: Tree of Life vs Spacious & big structure
2:05 The field is what you make it, how you communicate with it
2:20 Often neglect the male in white Robe– bad or excellent?
3:25 Symbol of the Savior Himself opts for us through the uninspiring and dark wilderness.
4:35 3 components Path, Rod, tree. John 4:6 what does Jesus state about himself? “I am the method, light fact.
5:17 More than a course it is Christ that we keep
5:48 Life isn’t all Good, dividing line– Rod of Iron.
6:25 Why is the Rod beside a river that results in Hell?
7:49 Lot of People verse 30– order of operations
Press forward, constantly holding, appeared, dropped
8:37 Don’t usually choose fruit off the ground why would they drop? Perhaps it’s a sign. Is Christ the tree?
10:10 Pay attention to signs all advantages represent that there is a Christ.
10:30 You will likewise discover signs of the advisory.
10:48 This is our journey
11:07 Taylor speaking– One verse, one verse 1 Nephi 10
11:45 1 Nephi 10:17– Vision
12:27– word vision is really effective– links to numerous other words. Proto endo European– “Weid”.
14:00 source/foundation word for Wisdom, Whit/great mind, Evidence, video.
14:39 Evidence is things that are visional obvious.
14:55 History– originates from Greek word that suggests inquire, in order to comprehend you needed to have a vision.
16:00 The vision offers us significant proof of God’s love for us.
16:23 Action – What proof have you seen of God in your life & how has that brought you to knowledge?
16:40 what inquires have you participated in to acquire proof of God’s Love in your life?

Timestamps thanks to Lorraine Evans.

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