Dates and relationships in Jewish ultra-orthodox neighborhoods|”” A Match Made In Heaven”” (2014)

For the very first time orthodox Jewish individuals in Israel permit an electronic camera to enter their individual lives on an intimate level, allowing us to find the knowledge behind their way of living, so possibly we can use a few of it to ours. A take a look at relationships in between females and males, in between songs and their good friends, and in between them and their households. The story is plot-based, with scenes that lead from one lead character to the next in their look for a deserving mate.

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Dating and matchmaking in the “Haredi” (ultra-orthodox Jewish) world has actually constantly been intriguingly various and strange from the nonreligious world. At a time when the organization of marital relationship in the contemporary nonreligious world will declare bankruptcy– increasing divorce rates, adultery, the pattern of prolonged bachelorhood, single parenting, and so on– the concern occurs: where are we failing? And what is it about Haredi relationships that keeps them steady and strong? How does it work?

In the documentary “A Match Made in Heaven” we check out the world of matchmaking in the various sectors of the Haredi world and observe couples in various phases of relationships, and through them we discover their habits, viewpoint, and the secret to a pleased relationship and marital relationship.
Through the individuals’ stories we discover the worths of relationships and marital relationship according to Judaism and how they really use them– so various from nonreligious mindsets (falling in love instead of enjoy which includes time; the females’s function in relationships; the guy’s function; sexuality).

Initial title: A Match Made In Heaven
A Film by Ronnie Kay

2014 © Licensed by First Hand Films.

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