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Dr. K and Mrs. K offer relationship guidance to our audiences … combined knowledge of 17 years of being together in 1 Twitch stream.
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00:00 Mrs. K Intro, In-laws, Dealing with moms and dads that disapprove.
20:00 Dating and Low Self-Worth.
34:40 Are people expected to be monogamous.
42:20 How do you handle household issues.
48:20 handling friendzone.
When to end a relationship, 59:45 How to understand.
1:10:55 How to feel less like the weak spot.
1:12:25 How to have an argument with a better half.
1:16:20 how to discover individuals to date.
1:20:00 How to discover MILFs.
1:24:15 PMS state of mind swings.
1:32:10 Different in between accessory and love.
1:35:00 Autism and relationships.
1:39:00 e-dating.
1:42:20 Being dealt with unimportant, psychological connection.
1:49:35 What are Red Flags, great men.
1:55:00 How to keep flame active with Mrs. K.
1:59:40 Men/Women constantly right in a relationship.
2:07:11 Coaching spiel, players let loose.
2:22:30 Belize holiday.
2:30:20 Logotherapy usefulness.
2:33:40 Krishna and Radna.
2:37:30 How did Mrs. K feel about Dr. K beginning on Twitch, retreat/meetup.
2:50:00 How to overcome somebody.
2:56:30 Can you like somebody without marital relationship and sex.
3:04:19 How to challenge dispute in a relationship.
3:06:40 Coming to terms with who you are.
3:13:20 Moses/French devotes to a turning point?
3:14:40 addicted to parasocial relationships.
3:24:20 How to stop believing with your pp.
3:30:50 How to handle an ex who wishes to be buddies.
3:31:30 When did Mrs. K understand she would wed Dr. K.
3:34:10 Space in a relationship, how to carry on from a relationship.
3:43:20 Balance relationship in between mother and partner.
3:46:10 outdoor patio furnishings vs tandoori argument.
When you have stress and anxiety, 3:56:30 how to talk with your crush.
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All visitors of Healthy Gamer are notified of the general public, non-medical nature of the material and have actually specifically consented to share their story.

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