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effort? Relationship Advice Do not offer effort to your relationship, Give it a DIRECTION Gourab Tapadar is a young Youtuber who

encourages a great deal of individuals of Bengal. He is likewise a Singer, Songwriter and Musician. Co creator and COO of Merit Cafe( Educational Management). Qualified Course: 3 months Topics: 1. Spoken English 2. Mental Health 3. Softskill 4. Character Grooming 5. inspirational workshops by Gourab himself To Enroll yourself
in this course Please Contact: 9874997050 ** online and offline both are readily available Social Network Handles of Gourab

Facebook Page: Instagram: Other Youtube Channels: @Voice Of Gourab and @Pretkotha For Live Show and Other info or service associated query please call me
on( +91) 8697459855. or.
Mail me at. [email protected] #gourabtapadar. #motivationalspeech.

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