Episode 155– The Mountain Top– The Victorious Return Of Offline Dating



When I initially found out about my co-host’s gig numerous years earlier, I was hesitant. It sounded gimmicky to discuss ‘offline dating’.

Now Camille Virginia’s vision is showing to have actually been prescient.

How about it … are individuals so disappointed with apps, and certainly fed up with synthetic electronic ‘interacting socially’ in basic that they’re going back to their ‘natural’ roots of conference in genuine life? Or are we up until now chosen social innovation that we’ve passed the defining moment? I indicate, is the current generation ‘pre-wired’ to prefer online interaction?

In this episode we question aloud what online interaction does to our understanding of credibility. And what about being ‘indicate behind the screen’… how does feeding that routine shape our real-world personality?

And on the other hand, in the real life, what should ladies be doing to enable simpler offline interaction?

Next, Camille ensures your worst headache when speaking with ladies will NOT become a reality … and here’s why. How can you quickly begin offline interactions with ladies … with no drama and no tension?

What does Camille do to get individuals to put down their mobile phones and return out there socially?

AND … to top everything off you’ll get the complete breakdown of the troublesome psychology of dating app use and precisely why the ‘Planet of the Apps’ is so devastating to real-life social interaction.

By the method, although I stated it’s not like guys are the Yankees and ladies are the Dodgers, it SHOULD resemble guys are the Giants and ladies are the Angels! (or should it be Pirates and Tigers?).

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