Flirting and Magic! Female’s Favorite Weapon? Olya (USA) LIFE VLOG

Before, I did not consider flirting in regards to magic. It appeared like a type of safe video game in which nobody would suffer and everybody gets an advantage for oneself. Is this truly so? And is flirting so safe?

I started to look even more into this concern and stumbled upon the truth that flirting is pure magic. Just the system of animal mind advantages from this action, however not a lady and not even a guy! What to do, how to desert such a sweet and pernicious routine of awareness? Is female magic truly that safe and what are its effects in an individual’s life? What remains in truth a love spell? On the course of self-discovery one need to be sincere with oneself and find out to see the concealed work of awareness.

Today I will show you my understandings on this topic after seeing the program “Consciousness and Personality. From the Inevitably dead to the Eternally alive”

The program: “CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY. From the undoubtedly dead to the forever Alive.”

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