Flirting with a Fish – Podcast|S02-E03|Ft. Film Critic Bhawana Somaaya|Sonia Choksi

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About this Episode.

Prepare to dive into the interesting world of movie criticism with Padma Shree Awardee Film critic Bhawana Somaaya! In the current episode of “Flirting with a Fish,” Bhawana shares her journey where fate played the most significant function in putting her in the ideal location at the correct time – leading her to end up being a movie critic and make individual connections with the most significant super stars of her time.

It’s not no work and all play! She likewise provides us a peek into her procedure as a critic and shares her special point of view on how she sees movies through her skilled eyes. Bhawana likewise discusses the difficulties of stabilizing her interesting profession with her individual life throughout her journey.

Whether you’re a movie enthusiast, a fan of Bhawana’s work, or merely curious about the movie market, this episode has something for everybody.

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About the Host, Sonia Choksi.

Meet Sonia Choksi, a vibrant business owner with an enthusiasm for utilizing innovation to produce favorable modification in art, education, culture, and home entertainment. Through her interesting podcast, Sonia shares motivating stories of people who flirt with a fish, aka do the most uncommon things or believe most distinctively in the relatively typical circumstances! Join her journey of discovery and motivation today! Do not forget to support and subscribe Sonia’s objective to make a favorable effect through storytelling.

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About this Series.

Invite to “Flirting with a Fish”! This series is not about success stories, however rather about individuals who made non-traditional choices and accepted the spirited nature of their characters. We share stories of those who did things in an uncommon method, acting that broke standard knowledge.
Our podcast is everything about the enjoyable of flirting with the fish – capturing slippery skin that hardly stands in your hands. Although the fish might slip through your fingers, you still delight in capturing them. It’s not about the number of times they stopped working or pressed back, however rather the satisfaction they discovered in every effort, despite the result.
Listen to the stories of individuals who are not always well-known however who have actually made intriguing options in their lives. Find out how their choices made a substantial effect, and how they made whatever abnormally unusual.

Accept the spirited spirit of this series, and attempt your hand at capturing some fish!

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