Flirting With Piper ** humiliating **

Elliana Walmsley from Dance Moms recommended a trick on Piper Rockelle, what do you believe Lev thought of it? We chose to take it even more and get dating recommendations from the RockSquad … it was so humiliating.
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YouTube Juju & Nidal.

Juju marvel.

Make certain to take a look at the video we recorded with the RockSquad:.

#pipersquad #rocksquad #pranks.

In this video:.

Nidal Wonder.
Instagram: @nidal. marvel _.

Neshan Wonder (my bro).
Instagram: @neshanwonder.
Twitter @NilePharaohs.

Piper Rockelle.
YouTube: Piper Rockelle.
Instagram: @piperrockelle.

Eliana Walmsley.
YouTube: elliana.
Instagram: @ellianawalmsley_.

YouTube: Lev Cameron.
Instagram: @itsmelev.

YouTube: Jentzen Ramirez.
Instagram: @jentzenramirez.

Brooke Butler.
Instagram: @brookebutler.

@gabipalooza @Caylarose @Pejaanne.

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