Flirting with the Divine (26 Jan 2004, LA)

His Divine Holiness (HDH) Nithyananda Paramashivam began circumnavigating the world when He was simply 25 years of age in 2003. Even at that early age, He had the clear vision of developing Kailasa, the informed civilization and biggest Hindu country. In 2004, He undertook His 2nd world trip, covering 3 areas – Malaysia, USA and South America. He went to 10 cities in the USA, carrying out meditation programs, providing complimentary satsangs, and starting individuals with the Hindu Truths. In simply His 2nd world trip, He ordained 50 acharyas (instructors) who would bring forth the tenets of Hinduism to mankind at big.

It is on this trip HDH provided several development discourses on effective sciences from Hinduism that are deeply pertinent to the contemporary.

In HIS unique method, HE captured the interest of countless individuals in this lovely discourse called – Flirting with the Divine. He engages us and makes us ponder on concerns such as – What is Love Failure? What is Love Success? How not sharing the love is the root of all issues? HDH opens and addresses one concern raised by a youth – Did he end up being Sanyasi due to the fact that of love failure? HDH broadens how Love is one’s Quality, and it is not an Act. Either you enjoy the entire world or you do not enjoy anybody. Find out to Respect yourself so you welcome and accept others. HE exposes a most intriguing trick – In Devotion when one flirts with the Divine; the trusting, spirited engagement with the Divine straight causes knowledge. You move from being Dull to Divine.

HDH describes about the 3 kinds of wombs of development – Bhu Gharbha – the womb where another human is developed, the Hrit Garbha the Womb where art and psychological development occurs, and lastly the Jnana garbha, Womb where your intelligence and cognitions are developed. HDH states, When you fall for the Divine, it is not Falling in love, it is Rising in love. See this discourse filled with deep insights in the most pertinent subject to life – love.

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