God Is Opening a Relationship Door for You If …

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When God is opening a door for you to be in a relationship with somebody, here are 5 things that typically occur.

1. There Will Be Continuous however little Progressions Forward Between You and This Person

2. There Will Usually Be a Lack of Issues Early on in the Connection Between You Two
Issues constantly come, even in excellent relationships. If you quickly have huge problems, this is not a great indication.
3. The Timing Will Be Right for You Both to Start a Relationship when God Is Opening a Relationship Door for You

4. There Will Be a Mutual Reciprocation of Expressed Interest
They will react favorably when you make a favorable action towards this individual.

5. Those Things Outside of Your Control Will Work in Your Favor

Our God is the fantastic “method maker.” He will make a method if he desires something for you. For as Isaiah 43:19 states, “I will make a method the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

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