Healthy Romantic Relationships: Healthy Sex – How Previous Experience Notifies Future Enjoyment

In Today’s episode of Healthy Romantic Relationships we talk about “The Mental Element of Healthy Sex – How Previous Experience Notifies Future Enjoyment. We are exploring What is the healthiest method to engage your sexuality as you go into dating and healthy relationships?

Karisa opens with an effective declaration of the connection in between sex and spirituality, the charm of the act when linked and the lots of obstacles we deal with when activated or browsing previous injuries. We take a look at expectations, discernment and timing when choosing with who and when to end up being sexually intimate and the truth that intimacy starts with physical touch that does not always cause sex. Karisa likewise shares about the distinctions in females and guys concerning beliefs, and physical responses both throughout and after sex … therefore a lot more!

Karisa is a Sex & Marriage Therapist situated in Chattanooga, TN. She’s remained in practice given that 2011 and presently owns her own personal practice- I Love United States: Relationship & Intimacy Counseling. Karisa likes taking a trip, hanging around with enjoyed ones, and is pursuing her Ph.D in Clinical Sexology.

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