How accessory impacts adult relationships: Attachment Theory

Our design of accessory impacts whatever from our partner choice to how well our relationships advance to, unfortunately, how they end. That is why acknowledging our accessory pattern can assist us comprehend our strengths and vulnerabilities in a relationship. An accessory pattern is developed in early youth accessories and continues to work as a working design for relationships in the adult years.

This design of accessory affects how each people responds to our requirements and how we tackle getting them satisfied. When there is a protected accessory pattern, an individual is self-possessed and positive and has the ability to quickly connect with others, fulfilling both their own and other requirements. When there is an avoidant or distressed accessory pattern, and an individual selects a partner who fits with that maladaptive pattern, he or she will most likely be selecting somebody who isn’t the perfect option to make him or her delighted.
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This video is described by Shruti Ahuja (Clinical and Health Psychologist) Hungary.

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