How Did Lauren Smith-Fields Pass Away After Bumble Date? Household Annoyed by Cops Examination

The household of Lauren Smith-Fields is outraged at how the Bridgeport Cops Department has actually examined the strange death of the 23-year-old after a Bumble date with an older white male.

The I-Team got an authorities report of the action to a 911 call from Lauren’s apartment or condo on the early morning of Dec. 12 from a male recognized as Matthew LaFountain. The private investigator kept in mind that LaFountain was shivering and noticeably shaken as he described he and Lauren were consuming shots of tequila. She then ended up being ill however then they later on they played some video games, began and consumed some food to see a film. LaFountain stated he brought her to her bed room and laid her in her bed. He then put down beside her and dropped off to sleep. When he got up, she was apparently laying on her ideal side, blood was coming out of her ideal nostril onto the bed and she was not breathing.

Lauren’s Brother, Tavar Gray-Smith, stated the entire day passed and nobody connected to the household at all.

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