How to Increase Love in Your Relationship|Jonathan Ljungqvist|TEDxZagreb

Jonathan Ljungqvist, who ended up being an increasing expert traveler at a young age, concerned the awareness early in life that an effective profession was just a piece to life’s puzzle. In his very first TEDx Lund he discussed 3 life lessons from taking a trip the world, however this time he defies the audience’s expectations. He rather informs his story of how pursuing an effective profession led him to start life’s greatest task approximately date, the one within his own relationship. Possibly this popular story style has actually been informed prior to, however not like this! Expert traveler who has actually: Biked from Sweden to Tanzania; Kayaked from Sweden to the black sea; Roller-skied throughout Australia. Traveler has actually remained in his blood for several years now however he makes his living as personnel supervisor at and they deal with training in external and internal interaction. When he’s refraining from doing experience or public speaking he enjoys to be in your home at Lakehouse and simply stroll the pet, checked out a truly excellent book or practice meditation! This talk was provided at a TEDx occasion utilizing the TED conference format however individually arranged by a regional neighborhood. Discover more at

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