Information, findings, insights: Framing user research study outputs – Jemma Frost from Craft

Jemma Frost, Senior Researcher at Craft, discusses the various outputs of user research study (from findings to insights, structures, and more) and their level of effect. You learn more about:
– What UX Research information, findings, insights, and other results make up, and why they do not explain the very same thing
– How the various types can be used meaningfully in practice
– How to frame numerous research study outputs and interact results in an actionable format to increase the effect of user research study for various functions

00:00 Welcome
02:15 About Jemma
05:30 User research study output: Data
09:55 User research study output: Findings
14:14 User research study output: Insights
18:05 User research study output: Frameworks
22:50 User research study output: Opportunities
28:48 Keys to effectively interacting research study outputs

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This talk became part of the routine virtual UX Research Munich Meetup Community and Condens.
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