Insights– Earth Matters: The Christian faith & & the future of the world

As excellent stewards, would Christians be disrespecting the quality of God’s name if we do not look after the world and the animals that our Heavenly Daddy produced for us?

In some cases the frustrating quantity of clashing details in discussions about the environment makes it challenging to understand what holds true and who to trust. Should the church be engaging with ecological concerns? Are they a diversion from our main objective, or a fundamental part of it? Does God appreciate what takes place to the world, and should we?

In this session with Ps Tim Healy, we check out the Christian faith and the future of the world and what function, if any, the church has in resolving the environmental obstacles of our day through a scriptural point of view. Ps Tim serves on the professors of Alphacrucis University College and lectures in faith and ministry. He has a master’s degree in faith from the University of Wales with a research study concentrate on Christian ecological principles.

Insights is a 6-part series developed to share a scriptural point of view and produce discussions on pertinent concerns in today’s culture and society. They belong of Faith Online which exists to assist you find and deepen your faith online.

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