Insights from Foster Parents # 1– Attending To Problematic Sexual Behaviors– Comprehending The Concerns

This becomes part of an educational video series for foster moms and dads who have youth showing troublesome sexual habits (PSB). In Spring 2018, MOCSA performed a focus group of foster moms and dads and social provider to produce insights that would assist cultivate moms and dads to comprehend and gain access to resources to deal with these concerns.

For more details, please check out For services and instant support in the Kansas City city location, please call MOCSA’s 24-hour Crisis Line: 816-531-0233. For Counseling and Intake Services, please call 816-285-1392.

The Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault (MOCSA) is a rape-crisis center in the Kansas City cosmopolitan area, whose objective is to enhance the lives of those affected by sexual assault and attack and avoid sexual violence in our neighborhood.

This file was supported by a grant from Raliance, a collective effort to end sexual violence in one generation, enabled through a dedication from the National Football League (NFL). Its contents are entirely the duty of the authors and do not always represent the main views of the NFL.

For more details, please check out

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