Is Dating Different When You’re Blind?|Ep 1 – Blind Love with Descriptive Video Service

Diving into the dating video game, single blind millennials are on an objective to be acknowledged for who they are– they do not desire pity, they desire a major relationship. Meet church artist Mario, who does not wish to expose his loss of sight in his online dating profile; Solomon, a relaxed beer lover who didn’t lose his sight till just recently; and Joni, trying to find a man who enjoys ballroom dancing.

Blind Love without Descriptive Video Service:

, is Dating Different Ep 1

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In Order of Appearance
Mario Bonds
Lemar Jenkins
Solomon O’Leary
Jenna Giuinto
Isaac Vega
Joni Martinez
Travis Herman
Nora Bonds
James Noblitt

Executive Producer
Lois Vossen
Sally Jo Fifer
Christine Ha

Manufacturer/ Director
Patricia Zagarella

Nicola Bates
Noah Sanni

Director of Photography
Benjamin Wolf
Dennis Burnett

Sean Campbell
Robert Tate

Video camera Operator
Zachary Edick
Matthew Burgess

Sound Recordist
Nicholas Worthen

Title & Graphics
Pembrook Creative

Initial Music by
Don DiNicola & R. Cornelius Spencer

Rob Burgos, CSI

Audio Mixer
Chad Roucroft

Audio Post
DiNicola/Eureka! Post

VP of Production
Royd Chung

Monitoring Producer
Pamela Torno

Consulting Producer
David Casey

Partner Producer
Susan Cohen

Unique Thanks
Go Dance
Red, White & Brew.

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