Isaiah 13– 35|Sep 12– 18|Come Follow Me Insights

Watch today as Taylor and Tyler welcome Shon Hopkin to go over the words of Isaiah.

This program is planned to be utilized as additional product to the Come, Follow Me Program by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Todays episode associates with the dates of Sep 12-18, 2022.
Come Follow Me Insights is a production by Book of Mormon Central. Edited and produced by Benjamin Tyler Griffin with support from Zander Sturgill and Riley Brown. Video subtitles/transcripts by Jolene Rogers. Timestamps thanks to Margarita Dunn.

Unique Thanks to Taylor Halverson and Tyler Griffin for offering many hours to make these videos a truth, and an extremely unique thanks to Kiplin Griffin for content modifying and evaluation.

Nearer my God to Thee organized and managed by Benjamin Griffin.

0:00 Introduction
7:14 Isaiah speaking of future things suitable to individuals of his present day
14:02 The contrast in between the size of Babylon (by the most effective empire) and Jerusalem is such a huge distinction
21:00 Isaiah discussing Lucifer and Lehi’s verification of such faith in his phrasing discovered on 2 Nephi 2:17
28:00 Isaiah makes reference of “a nail in the sure location” Explanation of what the ancient world would have analyzed these words
35:00 The Lord will prepare a banquet for us. He has actually offered us our complimentary firm whether to engage or not of the banquet
41:58 The name of our church embodies the hope we have in our present time
47:37 Isaiah teaches us about” precept upon precept and line upon line”
53:59 The parable of the plowman-God intereacts and sees with you simply as you require in the very same method seeds are gathered in the manar that is required to acquire them from the plant
1:00:08 “… Biblical Prophets are voices who speak from the dust of the earth”
1:07:11 Isaiah’s prediction of the Lord’s magnificent work and a marvel
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