Love Your Wealth

Like Any Excellent Relationship, It Takes Effort so Make Your Cash Feel Unique

The old “principle” still uses. Cash belongs of life, and like it or not, the method you deal with cash is the method it treats you.
Cash coach and state of mind specialist, LeAndra Foster, shares how to change your cash relationship with an easy technique, take it on a date!

She shares, “I’m not constantly like, we need to enjoy it, since we do not understand when there’s gon na be more, it’s like, it’s gon na go, and it’s gon na come. And there’s times when it’s gon na go quicker that it’s can be found in, and there’s times it’s gon na can be found in faster than it’s heading out. And similar to, it’s fine. Which is what the cash date is for, to take a look at that. That you constantly have a little bit set aside so that you can deal with those times when there’s more going out than coming in. Not looking at it with panic.”

Get the candle lights, a good bottle of white wine, and your bank records! Take your cash out and enjoy the relationship bloom.

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