Maddie’s Worrying Relationships with Grownups// Revealed S2E16

Is history duplicating itself?

Abby putting Maddie on a pedestal in public:

Abby shades Maddie’s picture on “Ask Abby”:

Maddie states she’s delighted to have actually carried on from Dance Moms and Abby:

Sia states that she sees Maddie as her child/ good friend and Melissa shares her:

Sia is Maddie and Mackenzie’s godmother:

Sia is Maddie and Mackenzie’s godmother:

Sia calls herself Maddie’s “coparent”:.

Sia calls Maddie her “surrogate child” and “dancing muse”:.

Maddie states Sia resembles her mama or older sibling:.

Maddie calls Sia the very best individual in her life:.

Sia is protective of Maddie:.

Sia informed Maddie not to do a motion picture:.

Sia stopped Maddie from getting on an airplane with Harvey winestein:.

Sia states that Abby abused her dancers and Maddie had PTSD:.

Sia got Maddie a therapist:.

Maddie used Sia’s bridal gown on Jimmy Fallon:.

Lilliana never ever got to satisfy Sia:.

Sia is quarantining with Maddie and they see television in bed together:.

Maddie slept over with Sia when a week:.

Gianna states Maddie was among her favourites to deal with:.

Gianna sees the Dance Moms women like her little siblings:.

Maddie calls Tonya her godfather:.

Tonya was extremely associated with Maddie’s scheme:.

Tonya motivated the names of lots of colours in Maddie’s scheme:.

Maddie and Tonya’s makeup tutorial series (Tattoo conversation remains in episode 10):.

Rachel Sage going to the ALDC and talking to much of the women:.

Rachel Sage composed “Joy” in 2012:

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