Manly Female Dating a Womanly Male – Smart Couple 109 

Manly Female Dating a Womanly Male – Smart Couple 109

If you are a more “manly” lady, possibilities are you’ll discover yourself with a more “womanly” male. Is this an issue? Not. If you comprehend standard polarity concepts, this can work to your benefit. Unless obviously you wish to keep blaming your partner. There is something easier you can do. Listen for more information …

Can you speak with male/female polarity characteristics? Especially when the female partner tends to have more of a manly energy in the relationship– in regards to being type-A, acting, wishing to get things done– while the male partner has more of a passive, laid back, womanly energy.
As the female partner with the more manly energy, I discover this vibrant actually discouraging and question if it indicates I’ll be registering for life where I will be doing the majority of the heavy lifting around all the useful characteristics of every day life?
I was questioning if this dynamic would be too challenging to sustain in a satisfying method, although we are both growth-oriented, so that part is not an issue.

Why we get activated by our revers[3:00]
You go initially (do not wait on your partner to alter)[4:00]
Discovering to own what you’ve disowned for a much better relationship [8:00].

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