Mass Result 2 – How to Romance Miranda

In this video I’ll reveal you how to love Miranda in Mass Result 2.


While at first extremely icy to Shepard, Miranda opens to him gradually and can ultimately establish a love interest with the Commander. Miranda is among 6 various love alternatives offered for a male Shepard character.

In order to love Miranda, you will initially require to finish her commitment objective. Miranda will ask Shepard to assist out with a household matter when you’ve finished numerous missions. Head to Illium and assist Miranda smuggle her sis to security. As soon as the objective is total you will get her commitment.

The 2 of them will have a blowout battle on the Normandy if you’ve finished Miranda and Jack’s commitment objectives. You will either require to solve this conflict with a speech check or side with Miranda in order to keep her interested.

After conserving her sis, Miranda will be more flirty with Shepard.

The next time you talk with Miranda, she will reveal her appreciation for Shepard’s accomplishments, in addition to doubts about her own skills, due to the substantial genetic modification. Shepard will have a chance to more honestly reveal interest in this discussion.

At this moment, Miranda is interested however doubts start to sneak in for her. She does not desire sensations to enter the method of the objective. You have the chance to stop those doubts for her when you speak with her once again.

When you introduce the last objective, this will lock-in Miranda as Shepard’s love interest for the playthrough and unlock the last love scene.

You can continue your love with Miranda in Mass Effect 3 by importing your ME2 save file, offered that you did not break up with her and she endured the last objective.

There you have it – how to love Miranda in Mass Effect 2.

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