Modern Shakespearean Sonnet 21. The Contrarian'' s Suggestions on Seduction, by Andrew Barker

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Modern Shakespearean Sonnet 21. The Contrarian’s Advice on Seduction, by Andrew Barker.

Awkward in building and construction, simple made
And quickly to sink, viewpoints voiced can be
The much better ones to assist a man get laid
If they are developed on what we all concur,–.
We cut back our interest in conflict
To discover a spoken kind for bets we hedge;
Polemic sliced to nought, brain continued mute:
Non-controversial reaching cutting-edge.
When ideas are stymied by, no heart runs quick
Those self-inflicted cuts, made when we fear
Our style runs out action. Therefore we attempt
To speed ourselves to motions of our peers;
Therefore we journey, fall, stand, and hobble through
Each inoffensive, uncomfortable perspective.

Andrew Barker

By typical concensus the simplest method to ingratiate yourself with somebody is to be mindful to what they state and let them understand that you concur with them. Now, while the focusing bit is practically vital, what the storyteller of this poem contests is the 2nd point. Continuous arrangement might be a terrific method of advancing a seduction, however it can be intellectually suppressing, really uncomfortable and extremely dull to do. Naturally, the argument versus the one made by the storyteller is “Does consistent arrangement work or not?” To which, “Probably generally, however …” would be the truthful reply.
The contrarian is more thinking about dispute and argument and exchange of concepts than the focus of seducing who he is talking with. Or he would declare he is.
Contrarian is Christopher Hitchens’s coinage: “Picture all specialists as if they were mammals. Never ever be a viewer of unfairness or stupidity. Look for argument and disputation for their own sake; the tomb will provide a lot of time for silence.”
Sure, I concur with this definitely. Envision what a problem he would be to observe on the pull.
And yet, whose to state he is incorrect?
And let’s not pretend numerous a lady hasn’t sat through a night concurring with some dull bastard she discovered appealing.

Andrew Barker.

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