More Powerful Marriage Connection Podcast|Dr. Dave & & Dr. Liz – What Happened To Our Connection|# 12 

People are more vital than issues. In this week’s episode, Dr. Dave and Dr. Liz dive into the deep end of the relationship swimming pool. Utilizing the metaphor of a pool, they go over the significance of upkeep and regularly including cups of connection. They share 8″ D’s of Disconnection”- how to end up being more familiar with these risks to pair connection and how to tackle them with intentionality..

0:00– Introduction.
1:15– Today we will speak about things that can frequently detach us as couples.
2:53– We aren’t ideal and are still dealing with this.
4:15– What Dave would show teenagers.
5:30– Relationship swimming pool of connection– swimming pool metaphor.
6:30– Cups of connection.
7:45– All swimming pools require upkeep.
8:36– Keep the intentionality in your connection.
11:27– The 8D’s of Disconnection.
11:54– 1. Wandering.
13:24– 2. Daggers and darts.
15:48– 3. Interruptions.
17:58– 4. Range– physical and psychological.
20:14– 5. Devastating choices– choices without conversation.
22:49– 6. Dispute and defensiveness– consider the patterns.
25:42– 7. Daily troubles– the messiness of life.
27:00– Hit delete-people over issues.
27:13– 8. Last D– digital interruptions.
31:20– Takeaways.


Dave: Remember to be more deliberate, consider those things you require to deal with and be mindfully mindful. Do not go automated, understand the important things that are removing from your connection.

Liz: Put individuals over your issues, remember what is very important.


– Talk with your partner about your existing relationship swimming pool, what requires upkeep? How can you include more cups of connection?
– Go over each “D of Disconnection” and go over where you require work and make note of the locations you are succeeding.
– Be conscious in the important things you are doing as a couple, remain deliberate and keep in mind to put individuals over the issue.

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