PARTNERING WITH THE DIVINE. Moon in Gemini December 2021 Astrology Horoscope

This horoscope is for the moon in Gemini, which occurs on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 11:34 p.m. ET.

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Throughout the previous 2 weeks, we have actually begun to get some significant messages from the Divine about our next actions in life in order to end some old chapter of life that is no longer implied for us and start a brand-new one.

The messages have actually shocked us a little bit and produced some confusion within our own minds about what Spirit is attempting to state.

We have actually struggled to hear these things since we have had a great deal of previous viewpoints, beliefs, feelings, and desires that were based upon an old paradigm that were clouding our judgement.

As an outcome, we now at this moon in Gemini begin to cool down a few of our feelings and launch our old point of views surrounding these things. That then allows us to hear what the Divine is stating more plainly.

This is really favorable. What we are now hearing and seeing from the Divine does activate us in some method.

That is since the fact we are now seeing might not be what we initially wished to hear, and likewise since Spirit might be asking us to do some things as an outcome in order to re-arrange some things in our lives with relationships and cash, which might need us to be more susceptible.

I do think we ultimately discover to draw it up, accept what Spirit is informing us, and do what Spirit desires us to do!

This is then really favorable, setting another series of excellent occasions into movement (as an outcome of our actions) to re-arrange and re-align our relationships and cash towards our greatest function throughout the next 40 days.

Even though things are now shaking loose in our lives in favorable methods to be brand-new, various, and much better– we are still annoyed! That is since these things are still going to take some time to exercise (40 days), and since we are still scared of the result.

As an outcome, what we require to discover to do is to continue being client with the procedure, relying on the Divine, having faith that things will come together, and being open to get all that Spirit has for us … so that it can simply concern us, without us needing to attempt so hard from here on out.

We likewise require to discover to simply chill and have some enjoyable with the procedure!

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0:00 – Introduction.
1:18 – General Themes.
10:40 – Past Context.
23:45 – Specifics.
43:05 – Other Notes.
52:35 – Tarot.
57:30 – Inside Degrees.

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