Peer to Peer – Flirting in the Museum

When we flirt, we put ourselves out there..
It’s a threat..
It’s scary.
It’s exciting..
It’s complicated.
It’s enjoyable.

What if your check out to the museum resembled that?

Sign Up With Heidi Reitmaier, Director of Education at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, as she goes over 3 jobs at the MCA that had visitors, personnel and artists engaging with each other in unexpected, familiar, and uneasy methods..

We are thrilled to provide this Hangout as an online forum for Heidi to go over an operate in development as she expands a few of her concepts around engaging in the museum as it relates (or does not) to institutional review. This short article by Anna Cutler, entitled “Who Will Sing the Song? Knowing Beyond Institutional Critique,” influenced a few of Heidi’s concepts.

We hope you will sign up with the discussion at our next Google Hangout!.

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