Producing REAL Connection: Breathing Life and Love into Your Relationships|Matt Townsend|TEDxBYU

What is it like remaining in a relationship with you? Do individuals around you truly feel seen, heard, and comprehended, or are you accidentally starving them from the “psychological oxygen” they so frantically long for? Dr. Matt utilizes his present of humor and storytelling to colorfully weave the 4 concepts of “REAL Connection” with his relationship skill-building metaphors of the “Space Between”, “Emotional Oxygen” and “Smoke and Fire”. This talk will leave you both informed and inspired to revive your essential relationships. Matt Townsend PhD, has actually been teaching business and couples how to deepen their connection and moderate dispute for almost 25 years. As a speaker individuals fall for, Dr. Matt strongly mixes his amusing storytelling design with his scholastic insights collected from his master’s degrees in Communication and Human Development and a Doctorate in Organizational and human Systems. He is the author of the book, STARVED Stuff … Feeding the Seven Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships. Matt hosted his own radio program “The Matt Townsend Show” for 11 years which can be discovered on I Heart radio. All of Matt’s workshops and classes on stress and anxiety, parenting and relationships can be discovered at Matt and his partner Mardi have actually been wed for more than 30 years, and together they are the moms and dads of 6 kids and 3 grandchildren. This talk was provided at a TEDx occasion utilizing the TED conference format however individually arranged by a regional neighborhood. Find out more at.

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