Regional Chicken Curry at supper|| 2 old male are taking pleasure in the night by singing a folk tune

Life in rural Nepal
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We publish all Videos about Nepali rural way of life particularly we concentrate on Pastoral life activities which is reality activities of individuals in towns of Nepal. This is not phony, fictional and synthetic, it is reality activities or lifestyle of individuals from town website of Nepal.So this channel is produced the check out Pastoral life activities of individuals in 21st century in the Asia.

Videography/ Edit/ Produced by: PASTORAL LIFE OF NEPAL.
Cam Lens: Sony A6600 + 18-135mm, DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone.
Modifying Software: Adobe Premire professional 2020.

Unapproved downloading and replicating on youtube and any other online social networks platform is strictly forbidden and will be leaded punitive action.
© Pastoral Life of Nepal.
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– Pastoral Life of Nepal.

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