Relationship Q&| Sex vs. Communication + Dating in a Proposal + pandemic w/No Ring?! + More

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0:00 – Countdown
5:00 – Intro
9:10 – Is interaction or sex more vital in a relationship?
12:15 – How do you repair the absence of love when absolutely nothing is appearing to stimulate with your partner?
16:43 – How do you proceed from heartbreak?
21:27 – How do you recover when the imagine your marital relationship does not work?
26:24 – Should you be worried about somebody who does not reveal their sensations for you verbally?
31:22 – How do you deal with a baby-daddy who economically supports other ladies over you and your kid?
38:01 – How do you approach dating after relocating the middle of a pandemic?/ Do you advise online dating for Christians?
41:10 – What is our handle partners heading out “excessive” and what is “excessive”?
47:12 – How do you recover after being wed for over half of your life? And how do you cut the ties holding you back from a divorce?
53:28 – Proposing without a ring?
59:21 – How do you overcome your worry of a hazardous relationship and begin dating once again?
1:03:44 – How do you handle a partner that does not have love after a low point in the marital relationship?

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