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00:00 sneak peak.
00:49 2 dishes & 1 sponsor.
02:11 introduction: we fulfilled bc of my bladder.
03:10 were u trying to find a relationship when u fulfilled?
03:49 dealing w/ frustrating routines grrr.
05:05 just how much compromise??
05:30 preparation ahead prevents battles !!
06:53 can u be TOO comfy?
When did u understand u were in LOVE, 07:15.
09:05 is it essential to like the very same things.
If you’ll last, 09:33 do u understand.
10:37 oversharing excessive?
11:21 how to discover somebody T-T.
12:03 overcoming a split.
12:23 seeing ppl as options/backups.
If ur shy, 13:16 how to make pals.
13:52 pressure when single?
14:34 open interaction ideas!
14:49 how we divided costs??
15:22 turn-ons turn-offs.
16:40 is it BAD to put somebody?
17:28 what to do when: BAD MOOD.
18:19 our last BIG FIGHT + how we fixed it ❤.
22:02 how did u confess?
22:58 jealousy?
23:07 farts?
23:11 Andrew’s ideas on my exes.
When it’s time to date once again, 23:35 how to understand.
23:41 is Normal to be Awkward.
24:13 losing pals:'(.
24:29 are dating apps natural?
26:14 how to let go of pals?
27:25 do u still get butterflies.
28:00 ideas on media’s representation of love.
28:24 why do u call each other Misiu?
28:54 how to shoot ur shot.
29:32 fav qualities of each other!
32:00 dealing w/ managing moms and dads.
34:30 MARRIAGE?.
34:43 how ought to a relationship serve u ⚔.
35:13 is Andrew an introvert?
35:28 any charming single pals Andrew??
35.45 sticking around s * xual sensations?
36:05 must u move-in together.
36:44 for how long did u date prior to relocating.
36:53 various s * x drives?
38:05 Leah’s darkest trick?
38:32 will u ever discover TRUE LOVE once again ??

Thank you for joining me on my journey of development & discovery!

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