Relationships and Intimacy after 50: Dealing with a Sexless Marriage? What Men Need to Know!

Are you handling a sexless marital relationship? You’re not alone! According to the professionals, fifteen to twenty percent of couples make love no greater than 10 times a year, which is specified as a sexless marital relationship. Today, an honest conversation on relationships and intimacy after 50 with Steve Horsmon, the creator of Good Guys 2 Great Men. How do you handle a sexless marital relationship? Steve discusses what guys require to understand, and what they can do to get their mojo back and handle a sexless marital relationship!

Steve Horsmon is a Certified Professional Life Coach, who brings his individual experience to assisting other guys. He’s existed! To learn more about Steve and to call him straight, click on this link:

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More truths and numbers on sexless marital relationships, you are not alone!

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