Repair Your MARRIAGE & & RELATIONSHIPS With These Simple Tips by Gurudev|AGA

Whether you’re single, married, or in a relationship with pizza, this Ask Gurudev Anything episode has something for everybody! From concerns on divorce, discovering your soulmate, to be wed or single to sex and spirituality. This AGA is your one stop buy whatever on Love, Relationships & Marriage.

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – What’s much better for spiritual development? Being wed? Being single?
01:53 – Gurudev, why aren’t you wed?
02:10 – How do I understand if I’ve discovered my soulmate?
02:40 – Is there any spiritual practice to draw in the best individual in our life?
02:53 – How do I handle rejection in love?
03:25 – How can we keep both enthusiasm & relationship in a relationship?
04:07 – Does having a sex life impact our spiritual development?
05:23 – How do I handle my partner’s quiet treatment?
05:33 – What to do if neither words nor silence can get the message throughout to your partner?
08:59 – How to strike a balance in between the partner and the mom?
09:35 – How to handle a mentally not available partner?
11:26 – Should I forgive a partner who cheated on me?
15:00 – How do we understand if we should go on with marital relationship?
16:16 – What’s your recommendations for young couples aiming to begin a household?
16:36 – Is having kids a barrier on the spiritual course?
17:52 – How to carry on after an uncomfortable divorce?
18:50 – Should future generations await their moms and dads to discover them a partner?
20:30 – Marriage seems like a patriarchal setup! What can be done to look after this?
21:10 – How does one cope and prepare with the loss of a partner after a long period of time together?
22:14 – Is it crucial to re-affirm your love even after 4 years of marital relationship?
23:46 – How can we get rid of disputes & establish genuine love?
25:40 – Is there a distinction in between a court marital relationship and a routine based wedding event?
27:00 – Where does the requirement to be in a romantic relationship occur from?

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World-renowned humanitarian, spiritual leader, and an ambassador of peace and human worths. Through his life and work, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has actually influenced millions around the globe with a vision of a violence-free and hassle-free world. Gurudev established The Art of Living, a non-profit company that is taken part in stress-management and service efforts throughout the world.

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